Project Organisation

The Real Estate DD and resultant Real Estate DDR can only be generated in  interdisciplinary cooperation.

Project Committee
Committee Tasks Competences Responsibility
  • Initiator
  • Definition of goals
  • Member of Steering Committee
Budget Financial backer(s)
Steering Committee
  • Project decisions
  • Approval of deviations
Acceptance or rejection of project results Evaluation of goal attainment
Project Manager (PM)
  • Team management
  • Project documentation
  • Joint determination of project goals
  • Project team proposal
  • Team management
  • Attainment of goals
  • Internal communication
  • Budget compliance
Project team
  • Specialised work
  • Provision of information
  • Documented results
  • Specialised subject matter
  • Handling work packages
  • Meetings with vendor
  • Agreements
Timely info. about problems
Poss. project office Administrative tasks Assistance PM Ease workload of PM and project team