Vendor Due Diligence

When the vendor orders a REDD this is then described as “Vendor Due Diligence”.

Buyer Due Diligence

A REDD ordered by the buyer is known as “Buyer Due Diligence” (also “Investor Due Diligence”).

Owner Due Diligence

It is also conceivable that the owner, though having no intention to sell, may request so-called “Owner Due Diligence”, e.g. to verify, optimise, revalue or refinance an item of real estate. The REDDR then provides the basis for decision-making with regard to a possible sale or a project initiative in the field of corporate real estate management (crem).

Definition of

  • Credit analysis by the financing bank
    Content identical to Buyer Due Diligence, but in a different form
  • Use of the property by potential users (prospective tenants)
    Confined to aspects that are relevant to tenants and exclusion of many aspects of Real Estate Due Diligence.